The Importance of Quality Kitchen Tools

Are you tried of scraping your treats off of the cookie sheet? Discover the benefits of investing in high-end kitchen tools. Click here.

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The Importance of Quality Kitchen Tools

Whenever I got married, my church gave me a wedding shower. At this memorable event, my husband and I received a truck-load of presents to use in our new home. One of these gifts was a set of three cookie sheets. Every time I attempted to bake cookies on these sheets, they stuck to them. I always had to carefully pry my sweet treats off of the sheets with a spatula. After making several batches of cookies, I decided to invest in a new set of quality cookie pans. When I baked my first batch of cookies on these new sheets, I was amazed! I didn’t even need a spatula! After my sweet treats cooled, I could remove them from the pans with my hands. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of investing in high-end kitchen tools.


Chia Seeds Are Not Just For Christmas Anymore: Learn How To Choose, Buy And Use These Super-Nutritional Seeds

20 November 2015
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If you thought chia seeds were only for growing funky green hair on Chia Pets, you may be surprised to learn that they are one of the latest super seeds packed with fiber and nutrients. These tiny black or white seeds are about the size of a strawberry seed. Adding them to your diet is easy as they can be added to yogurt, sprinkled on cereal, added to smoothies or used in baking. Read More …

Want A Breakfast That Will Fill You Up But Not Weigh You Down? Try This Modern Twist On Himalayan Butter Tea

8 October 2015
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Do you struggle to find a breakfast that will fill you up and give you the energy you need to get through the morning, yet won't weigh you down and make you feel sluggish? If so, it's time to try warm butter tea -- a drinkable breakfast concocted by people of the Himalayas sometime before the 10th century and still popular today. What Is Butter Tea? Traditionally, butter tea is strong-brewed tea, blended with plenty of yak butter and a bit of salt. Read More …

5 Italian Dishes That Are Actually Italian American

10 September 2015
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There's nothing quite like Italian food. That delicious red (or white!) sauce, drizzled over scrumptious hand tossed noodles, topped up with some absolutely savory meatballs. Take a step back, though. Sorry to say, but that's not an Italian dish! Many of the items that you have come to know and love are actually Italian American dishes, not straight Italian. While there have been plenty of myths and rumors that have arisen regarding the origin of some of these dishes, this article serves to bring them to a rest. Read More …

2 Chocolate Products That Can Take Your Candy From Drab To Delightful

29 July 2015
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Sometimes when people make their own chocolates, you can tell. In addition to being different shapes and sizes, those chocolates might be missing some of the special decorative touches that accompany professional grade candies. However, by investing in the right materials, you might be able to put a personal spin on those chocolates. Here are two chocolate products that can take your candy from drab to delightful: 1: Interesting Molds Read More …